Don L. Parsons

April 18, 1996

Jeff Kuester

Thank you for your interest in HB 1630. This is a bill that I authored and introduced in the 1996 Georgia General Assembly based on my belief that Internet users - consumers, children, business people, clergy, etc., - have a right to expect that the Internet pages they visit are what they are presented to be. This important, pro-business, pro-consumer legislation was approved overwhelmingly by both houses of General Assembly and signed by the Governor.

HB 1630 prohibits a person or a representative of an organization from identifying the Internet home page that he or she sets up and maintains as that of another person or organization. Further, it identifies certain types of information such as trade names and logos, that if used to mislead a visitor to the home page or the reader of E-mail, form the basis upon which mis-representation and fraud are based.

HB 1630 does not restrict Freedom of Speech. It does not prohibit the anonymous publication of information; nor does it prohibit the anonymous publication or distribution of electronic data. If a person or the representative of an organization uses certain information such as a trade name or a logo to identify his or her home page as that of another person or organization, he or she clearly does not seek anonymity, but rather seeks to defraud.

Thank you again for your interest in this legislation. I share your enthusiasm for this exciting field of electronic telecommunications. The potential that it holds for the conduct of business and the free exchange of ideas and information is exciting, indeed. If I can provide any further information or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours

Don Parsons
State Representative - District 40

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